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BRITTANY LEE: From World to Canvas

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Brittany Lee is a self-taught abstract painter from Baton Rouge, Louisiana whose travels have been one of the greatest influences affecting her artwork. “Being able to see and experience new places, people, cultures and landscapes brings new vision and ideas to my compositions. Something as simple as a flower pot sitting outside an old door in the New Orleans French Quarter brings just as much life to my work as a mountaintop view overlooking one of the most beautiful cities in Thailand,” said Lee.

Her works are bright and spontaneous, a reaction to emotions evoked throughout her process. “My compositions are very distinctive for their bold use of color and textured layers of acrylic paint and other mediums. Never do I have a plan or idea when I begin, I let the brush take over,” said Lee. “Upon completion, I feel as though the reason was there all along.”

Lee paints to interact with her audience, to garner a response from them. “I create not to be seen but to be experienced, allowing the viewer to make an honest connection between my work and their own emotions,” noted the artist. “It is an outward expression of inward emotion that I create on canvas for the world to experience. What I want the viewer to take from my pieces is a feeling. I want the viewer to be able to honestly connect with my pieces, smile and say ‘YES, I’ve have felt that!’”

Austinites have been positively receptive to her works. Lee’s paintings are featured in some of the most beautiful homes citywide. Check out her latest collections and shop online at: BrittanyLeeArt.com.