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FLOWER POWER: 17th Annual Red Poppy Festival

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Images courtesy of the City of Georgetown and TracyLawrence.com


Known as the “Red Poppy Capital of Texas,” Georgetown is one of the few places in the United States where red poppies bloom naturally every year. A sight to see, the event has an entire festival dedicated to its occurrence. This year, the city of Georgetown celebrates the 17th Annual Red Poppy Festival, April 22nd through 24th, with three days of free concerts, parades, contests, art, food and family fun to welcome spring and the arrival of new signature red poppies. Multi-platinum country recording artist Tracy Lawrence will be onsite headlining the event on Saturday, April 23. See the full schedule below (or click here) for hours of operation and a list of of activities at Red Poppy Fest 2016.


Downtown Georgetown. (Parking and directions can be found here).

Friday, April 22 (6-9 PM)

  • 6:00P Festival Opens!
  • 6:00P Arts & Crafts Booths & Food Court Open
  • 7:00P Friday Night Kick-off Concert featuring Dysfunkshun Junkshun. FREE (Bring your own chair or reserve a table). (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 9:00P Arts & Crafts Booths & Food Court Close

Saturday, April 23 (10 AM-10 PM)

  • 10:00A Festival Opens!
  • 10:00A Arts & Crafts Booths Open
  • 10:00A Kids Area & Food Court Open
  • 10:00A “Paint the Georgetown Red” Parade
  • 10:45A Performing Arts Studio (Celebrate Stage)
  • 11:00A Xander Ortiz (Mayfair Stage)
  • 11:30A Walburg Boys (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 11:45A Georgetown Palace Theater Education Program (Celebrate Stage)
  • 12:00P JJ Rapscallion (Mayfair Stage)
  • 12:30P Ford Elementary (Celebrate Stage)
  •   1:00P Limestone Cowboys (Mayfair Stage)
  •   1:00P Cooper Elementary/Allegro (Celebrate Stage)
  •   1:30P East View High School Jazz Band (Celebrate Stage)
  •   1:00P Wilson String Band (Red Poppy Stage)
  •   2:00P Kate Elizabeth (Mayfair Stage)
  •   2:45P Arts Avenue For Kids (Celebrate Stage)
  •   3:00P Dillon Havins Band (Mayfair Stage) 
  •   3:00P Car Show Awards (Red Poppy Stage)
    Opening Saturday Night Concert and Street Dance FREE (bring your own chair) reserved tables are sold out.
  •   3:15P Sue’s Dance (Celebrate Stage)
  •   3:45P Dolce Music Studio (Celebrate Stage)
  •   4:00P Brett McMinn (Mayfair Stage)
  •   4:30P Georgetown Dance Conservatory (Celebrate Stage)
  •   5:00P King V Blues (Mayfair Stage)
  •   5:00P The Accidentals (Celebrate Stage)
  •   6:00P Denny Herrin (Red Poppy Stage)
  •   7:00P Kids Area Closes
  •   7:20P Red Poppy Taste Awards Presentation
  •   7:30P Kimberly Dunn (Red Poppy Stage)
  •   9:20P National Anthem (Red Poppy Stage)
  •   9:30P Tracy Lawrence (Red Poppy Stage)

Sunday, April 24 (11 AM-5 PM)

  • 11:00A Festival Opens!
  • 11:00A Arts & Crafts Booths Open
  • 11:00A Kids Area & Food Court Open
  • 11:00A The Seikers (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 12:30A BMX Tricks Show (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 11:00A Justice Kaigler (Mayfair Stage)
  • 12:00P Rachel Lauren (Mayfair Stage)
  • 12:30P Irish Dance Center (Celebrate Stage)
  •   1:00P Not Past 11 (Red Poppy Stage)
  •   1:00P Morgan Nicole (Mayfair Stage)
  •   1:00P Georgetown High School Jazz Band (Celebrate Stage)
  •  2:00P Kiwanis’ One in the Hole Ball Drop (Austin Avenue
  •  2:00P Evelyn Billington (Mayfair Stage)
  •  2:00P Tippit Singers (Celebrate Stage)
  •  2:30P Clickety Cloggers (Celebrate Stage)
  •  2:30P BMX Tricks Show (Red Poppy Stage)
  •  3:00P Midnight Butterfly (Mayfair Stage) 
  •  3:00P Kill The Noise (Red Poppy Stage)
  •  3:15P Cedar Park Dance Company (Celebrate Stage)
  •  4:00P Journey Gymnastics (Celebrate Stage) 
  •  4:00P Tyler Smith (Mayfair Stage) 
  •  4:30P BMX Tricks Show (Red Poppy Stage)
  •  4:30P Coloring Contest Awards (Celebrate Stage)
  •  5:00P Festival Closes