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Cheers Dad With These Special Spirits This Father’s Day!

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While there are several manners in which to celebrate dad, these spirits offer a special way to raise a glass and toast to your pop. This Father’s Day 2023, cheers dad with one (or spoil him with all) of the following unique spirits:

Image courtesy of Triple Dog Irish Whiskey

Triple Dog Irish Whiskey:

Triple Dog Irish Whiskey is a perfect gift for dads who love this category of spirits, and one with an endearing history involving three generations of Irish men in the O’Shevlin family. Triple Dog Irish Whiskey was inspired by creator Dan O’Shevlin’s grandfather’s recipe of 1916 which almost made it into the recycle bin. As the story goes, Dan’s grandfather passed away in Ireland at a ripe old age, and his dad found, while cleaning out his house, a few papers in a wooden box with handwritten scientific information on them. Uncertain of their importance, Dan’s dad asked if he wanted to keep them or see them tossed out. Dan immediately recognized the formulas on these papers as recipes for a whiskey and another spirit and staked his claim to keep them. Later, one fateful eve with friends at an Irish Pub, Dan was “triple-dog-dared” to create a whiskey. As a whiskey aficionado with a background in biochemistry along with his grandfather’s recipe, Dan boldly accepted this challenge and took the dare resulting in a new breed of Irish whiskey, aptly named Triple Dog. 

Triple Dog Irish Whiskey is a spirit born of—and celebrating—daring individuality. It is a modern take on Irish Whiskey, one approachable in both taste (it is outrageously smooth) and price ($44.99 per bottle). Aged a minimum of five years in French Oak casks, this whiskey is equally enjoyed by connoisseurs, as well as those with palates new to the spirit. Triple Dog Irish Whiskey, at 40% ABV and 80 proof with a sweet aroma of toasted caramel, and a rich palette of crème brûlée, honey, and cracked vanilla bean followed by a defined citrus finish, is great to enjoy and sip alone and also delicious when mixed into cocktails. Whether dad is new to Irish Whiskey or a seasoned palate, Triple Dog Irish Whiskey is an excellent choice as a Father’s Day gift dad can add to his home-bar collection. https://www.tripledogwhiskey.com/

Image courtesy of Maverick Distilling

Maverick Distilling

Samuel Maverick Private Reserve Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey:

Present a special gift to the dad who loves bourbon this Father’s Day — give him a bottle of Maverick Distilling’s award-winning limited-edition Samuel Maverick Private Reserve Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey solo, or make a gift basket out of it with additional Maverick Distilling merchandise. Samuel Maverick Private Reserve (2022 John Barleycorn Double Gold winner; ASCOT 2023 Platinum and Double Platinum award winner) is a grain-to-glass whiskey produced completely in-house at Maverick Distilling on property that once served as the original homestead of Samuel Maverick—signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence—in the 1800s. Private Reserve is a true Texas spirit distilled in small batches using select Texas-grown corn, rye, and barley and aged on-site in the vaults below the distillery in the historic Lockwood National Bank building located steps from the Alamo. Just seven barrels of the four-year-old reserve bourbon were bottled for this small-batch limited release of Samuel Maverick Private Reserve. Available at $75 per bottle, shoppers can purchase Private Reserve at the distillery ( 115 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78205) or online at https://maverickwhiskey.com/spirits/ for shipping to 42 states nationwide. 

Image courtesy of Milam & Greene Whiskey

Milam & Greene Whiskey

Very Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey:

Another very special option for dad this Father’s Day is Milam & Greene‘s Very Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Very Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey: Batch 1 VSB is the first core product added to the spirits portfolio for Milam & Greene since 2019. This Milam & Greene bourbon was just released for purchase beginning June 1st, so shoppers this month can be one of the first to gift a bottle to dad! 

To create the inaugural batch of Milam & Greene Very Small Batch Bourbon, master blender Heather Greene harvested 75 bourbon barrels. These barrels are a combination of bourbon distilled by master distiller Marlene Holmes in Kentucky using the proprietary Milam & Greene mash bill and barrels of Tennessee bourbon. The barrel recipe for Batch 1 is 20% of the precious Kentucky barrels and 80% Tennessee barrels. The barrels are divided into smaller batches to marry in 1,000-gallon vatting tanks before finishing.

The Tennessee bourbon was distilled with a mash bill of 80% corn, 10% rye, and 10% malted barley. The particular barrels for Very Small Batch Bourbon are chosen for their unique flavor character and will vary slightly from batch to batch reflecting the influence of the environment as the whiskey matures. Greene selects barrels based not only on their current quality but also on her predictions for the flavor development over time in barrels. She carefully chooses the location for barrel aging to ensure the extraction of the most flavor. This batch is a reflection of the climate on whiskey from three different states: Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas.

To perfect the precise type of wood flavor without overpowering these refined ester notes, Very Small Batch Bourbon is finished with French oak staves. French oak casks that once held both tawny port wine and then Milam & Greene’s award-winning rye whiskey are broken down, then “cooked” in the 100-degree Texan summer sun, and finally house-charred to a crisp on the outside only. These crispy-on-the-outside, rye-kissed on-the-inside staves are tied in bundles and then steeped in Very Small Batch Bourbon for about two weeks in the vatting tanks. The distilling team tastes the bourbon daily during the finishing process to ensure a balance of flavors.  The result is a complex and sophisticated bourbon. The nose starts sweet and delicious, followed by some nuttiness, soft vanilla, and French toast aromas. The palate is fruit-forward sweetness at the beginning, quickly evolving to notes of black tea with fresh baked biscuit flavors in the mid-palate. The finish lingers with notes of fresh black pepper and cardamom and a hint of wintergreen.

Very Small Batch Bourbon is bottled at 108 proof / 54% ABV allowing the flavors to shine when sipped neat, and to further open up with a drop of still water. This elegant bourbon style is a high-end sipper, meant to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Milam & Greene Very Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey: Batch 1 is available for $69.99 at select fine retailers in the U.S. and in Alberta, Canada as well as available on the Milam & Greene website and in the distillery tasting room. This whiskey will be released twice a year with Batch 2 coming this fall. Milam & Greene whiskey is distributed by Southern Wine and Spirits, Empire Merchants, Heidelberg Distributing, Brescome Barton, and Winebow Fine Wine and Spirits. https://milamandgreenewhiskey.com/